Being more performant and happy with less effort isn’t magic, it’s methodology!


  • Improve the use of technologies to reach great performance with less effort.
  • Improve the ability to stay focused on the important tasks, avoiding chaos.
  • Grow a clear vision of your objectives and a strong motivation and commitment to act towards them.

The aim of the course is to develop your ability to manage properly the activities and priorities of your life. We will learn how to use the Mind Mapping to manage ideas, projects and goals. We will implement the famous method of D. Allen GTD -Getting Things Done- ® to manage tasks and time. We will develop a brand new powerful tool called TIME ETIQUETTE ® to improve the performances and well being of the entire company/organization.


Managers, CEOs, HR managers, project managers and everyone who needs a new powerful model to improve time management, activities and well being in life and inside organization.


Setting objective

  • Target 80/10: at least 80% of you will increase by 10% in productivity and well being
  • Rationality is sometimes counterintuitive

Chaos and butterflies

  • The butterfly effect
  • The effect of Psychological Chaos

Managing multitasking

  • Managing multitasking at individual level
  • Managing multitasking at organizational level
  • Shortest Job First

Managing communication channels

  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication channels
  • Synchronous communication channels: pay attention, now!
  • Asynchronous communication channels: pay attention, then (but when?)
  • How to use properly all communication channels (mail, phone, sms, chat, etc.)
  • Avoiding the fully-synchronous organization

Rational and emotional: who is leading the game?

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Setting properly the deadlines (and get them be respected)
  • Decrease anxiety inside the organization and save money!

Remember all, always!

  • Prospective memory – how it works
  • Prospective memory and multitasking
  • Manage ideas that pop up!


  • Save money and improve well being using the TIME ETIQUETTE
  • Develop the TIME ETIQUETTE
  • Disseminate the TIME ETIQUETTE across the organization
  • Make the TIME ETIQUETTE be respected by all

Mind Mapping

  • Basic of Mind Mapping
  • Using mind mapping to represent objectives and ideas
  • Using mind mapping to manage projects
  • Using mind mapping to plan your life
  • Use mind mapping inside the organization

The pillars of managing chaos

  • Individual Values and organizational Values: beyond common misunderstanding
  • Manage goals and projects
  • Manage activities and tasks
  • Yes, we also have some dreams to be managed!
  • The Basket: where all goes
  • A evolutionary model of “Task List”
  • Managing properly the Diary

The process of managing chaos

  • The GTD-Getting Things Done ® model
  • The PDCA Model
    • Plan: organize and schedule your tasks
    • Do: execute your tasks and delegate others
    • Check : define the BENA (Best Next Activity)
    • Act: managing interruptions

Tools and Apps

  • Using Note and Promemoria (Mac world)
  • Using an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Using specific apps (Mac and Windows world)


  • Duration: 2 days (9:30-17:30)
  • Classes held in English
  • Maximum 6 students per class
  • Price information: $1.900
  • Location: 16 Stanley Street/Level 3 or Geos Laguage Center

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